Monday, 6 February 2012

February Wish List

Wish list for this month.. Need a decent pair of comfy high-waisted jeans, finding it sooo difficult to find a pair that are actually long enough in the leg and that are actually skinny skinny and not 'straight' even though the label says skinny! Lol!

Been eyeing the tunic from River Island for a while now, love the colour and would look good with the chelsea boots; which believe it or not are less than £20! Something a bit different with the Parkway Drive vest but will be going to see them in April with the best friend and really want a band vest/tee. Finally, the shirt from River Island, I'm in love with. Have a few from their now, they are just perfect for wearing to college and for placement :)

Michaela x


  1. This is a really cute wishlist! I love the tunic as well :)
    I just recently bought some chelsea boots...they're amazing and really comfy too! xo

  2. i really want chelsea boots too! nice post xox.

  3. i am loving that floral shirt! :)

    <3, Mimi
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